Sram standardize derailleur hanger.


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This would be the best thing since.................. matchmaker clamps! Great work SRAM.

Mr Crudley

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Great idea if it caught on. I wonder if they can try hard and make the same thing in several incompatible sizes over a 5 year period just to keep it interesting :|

Although taking it a step further an borrowing an idea from Banshee would be better. Go for standardised common dropout that takes 135->157mm hubs and includes the derailleur dropout. Standardising the touchpoints between frame and drive train / wheel vendors would be nice but I'm more likely to have a 3 course dinner with Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Grey Aliens before that will happen.

Mr Crudley

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A lot of manufacturers could take a leaf out of @builttoride ‘s book and follow the banshee model....
This seems like a positive step. Fingers crossed..until there’s another axle diameter ‘standard’.
I'll even write the MTB magazine intro for the new 'standard' ahem...

'Introducing the 161mm ultra super boost hub to give an extra 33% rigidity that modern freeriding enduro XC hucksters demand. Look for this on your new 2020 bike.'


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I don’t believe there is...or you’d have to change hangers when changing derailleurs.
Sorry meant in relation to the frame/dropout? I would think it would have to be along the hub axis dimension but most hanger are flat stamped out bits of metal. Can't be the other planes because the rd moves and can take up slack in those directions.


Eats Squid
When Syntace brought out the X12 rear axle (142mm) it came with standard derailleur hanger. Given mountain biking's commitment to standards this should last about 3 minutes after all the majors have signed on.