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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by smegoal, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. smegoal

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    I think I've stuffed up I ordered a 203 rotor for the front of my 2017 sight it currently has a 180 rotor with a bracket. So i ordered a 180 to 203 bracket instead of a 160 to 203 bracket. My question is can I stack the new bracket on top of the old one or should I just order the right one. Cheers
  2. Haakon

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    Can you? Maybe... Should you? Probably not..
  3. moorey

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    $10 delivered from cyclingdeal on eBay will see you right.
  4. The Duckmeister

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    Get the right one. As well as spacing the caliper off the fork, the different adaptors change the tilt of the caliper against the fork - as it is with a 160-180 adaptor you need curved washers under the bolt heads to correct for the caliper tilt off the posts. Double-stacking the adaptors will almost certainly change the caliper angle too much for the bolts to go in square, plus you'll need bloody long bolts, which will suffer a lot of stress and eventually break - if they even go in.....
  5. smegoal

    smegoal Squid

    Cheers one new bracket ordered

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