Stans mrk 3 arch v easton arc 27


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Any thoughts on which one for general trail shananigans....

Arch mark 3, 26 intenal width 425gms
Easton ARC 27 internal width 450gms



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ARC30s with a 2.3" aggressor...

im roughly 95kg and have given them hell over a few rocky sections and yet to have any issues at all...

comparing the arc30 (30mm internal)/2.3" aggressor with a alex dp23 (23mm internal)/2.25" ardent

i will also add the arc was simply amazingly quick to fit and bead tyres...have been playing around with ~20-25psi no worries at all


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Have Arc 27's on my new wheels for my transam quickest I have ever set up tubeless (Maxxis Ardent and Ardent Race) and they were absolute pricks to break the beads once inflated and seated. I can't imagine burping a tyre ever.


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I'm also tossing up between the ARC 27/30, Flow Mk3 (29mm internal) or a set of TWE wheels.

Does anyone know where to get the Stans Flow Mk3 in Australia?


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The mk3 isn't available in Australia yet...I can't say I've seen any distributors other than stans themselves offering say they are quite sometime away from being available in Australia or via CRC/Wiggle/etc...this was the deciding factor for me going with the was available at the time I had the money spare...the arc27 was also in limited supply 4-6 weeks back....regardless more than happy with my 30s now