Stromlo Closed Too


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Just returned home from there and the Stromlo trails are dry. The trails that are closed, are due to erosion issues caused by the high volume of rain. I wouldn't think they will be open soon, as they will need to be repaired before they can be ridden safely and witholut causing more damage, due to trail widening from people riding around the damage.
how many trails are open? is the Downhill and four cross track still open?


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I didnt see any signs saying that the down hill or 4 cross tracks were closed.
3 section closed were
1. lower section including Holdens creek cup track (Cardic?)
3.Slant six across the guts going north to Black berry but that was reopened by Monday.

Ive ridden most of the other tracks & they are very rough but that just makes it more challenging....


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how many trails are open? is the Downhill and four cross track still open?
When I was there the Downhill was closed. Didn't venture out the back, so can't comment on those trails. Rollercoaster is open but shouldn't be. Lots of damage that needs to be repaired, so common sense would say keep off.

The basic route up the hill via the swithchbacks is open and ok. Across the top is good. Either option to Ridgeline (Western wedgetail? and Rollercoaster) are damaged and not too good. The rest of the run down and back to carpark (Ridgeline and the Luge) is good, but not great.

Our best days riding was at Sparrow. Might be worth checking out, especially if it's hot.


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Thursday 23rd December 2010

Some mountain bike trails have now reopened. Please ride on the open trails only.

Closed trails include: The Holden’s creek section of Loop1, Blackberry climb and Slant Six, Party line, the Downhill track, Cardiac climb and the Equestrian trails.

We will aim to reopen the remainder of the trails in the New Year.


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No worries Krisko.

I did ride the new trails at 'orchard road', but lost the trail at the top of the hill. Not sure which way they will race it or your meant to ride it, but he area we rode flowed so sweetly in the reverse of our ride up.

Looking forward to seeing the finished trail. Once again Paul Cole has done a great job and it takes away some of the pain of the beautiful flowing trails from sparrow disappearing from the logging.