Stumpjumper shock upgrade options?


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Hey all,

Has anyone upgraded the shock on their Stumpjumper and gone for something other than the standard Rt/rt3 autosag?

A mate has a 2017 29er which has a low end Monarch 2 position with autosag. I pulled it apart to do a service and noticed the damper felt horrible. Turned out there was no oil left in the topside of the ifp. Everything looked good but after I put a kit though it it was leaking oil around the damper shaft. Replaced the head seal a 2nd time with rhe same result!
As he’s already spent $100 on it he’s not keen on throwing more money at what is a very average shock to begin with!

Any suggestions?


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DVO Topaz come in a fitment for the Stumpy, or a BikeYoke Yoke for the year model will allow you to run a 190x50 shock with standard hardware in it's place. I've seen a few Fox Float's around the place on the Facebook trading sites though, should be able to pick something up.