Sydney Urban Ride Footage


Punter God
yeayeah! sweeney fork snap footage! serve the tool right for putting triple clamps on such an old dodgy frame....

when do we get to see the rest??? i know you guys got a lot of stuff that night... did the headcam footage of the carpark ramp run come out ok?

as for that clown on the lowrider.... teehee :lol:


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The rest of the footage is off at the "printers" (the guys that burn our mag to disk) ATM so hopefully the full footage should be out in Issue 3 by the end of the week. Apparently there's a heap more footage of that crazy mofo on the cruiser tearing up a parking garage in Haymarket...Apparently :roll:.


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Great stuff, that stack looked awsome, he just landed it perfectly! Did it hurt him at all?


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josh_lives_here said:
what frame+forks was the dude that ate shit running???
a really


(we're talking early to mid 90s)


Wheeler, i think it was a 6500 or something. Whatever.
Dodgy ass contraption, running two rear shocks like the old Kestrel Rubicon.
Shit was given regularly for even owning it, let alone riding it.
Headtube design was somewhat akin to an anorexic 1 1/8" version of a Cannondale Super V. No gussets.

And a pair of P.O.S. taiwanese upside down DH forks. Fully Sick!

...simmer gently, then add full motocross armour, motocross or infantry boots, camo pants and full face helmet and goggles while city riding.

add a generous helping of overconfident redneck loudmouth attitude,

and serve with a side order of dimwitted 14 year old huck-to-flat hardtail follower kiddies, all wearing $99 chrome full face helmets from K-Mart, and whose parents probably think they've gone down the road to take a video back.

what's even worse is that this guy works at a bike shop....


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Any chance of seeing more footage from that ride? Do we have to subscribe to the CD to get it?


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Sorry Rik that's the only footage from that night that I've been given so far, the rest of the antics are on the CD at this stage. Once Clement (the guy on the Norco Shore with the other camera) gets back from OS we'll be doing heaps more city rides and urban missions to document the shenanigins.
Hi Guys, thought I'd finally log on here. Glad you like the video, big ups to all the stars (esp. Naz, the stair master) and Soko for his contribution to the footage.

The full clip is 5 mins 45, it is only on the Volume 3 CD. You can either subscribe or just buy this volume.

I'd like to say there was more DH and freeride footage, but there isn't on this issue. The theme this issue was more endurance oriented.

Issue 4 will have a lot more freeride and some DH race footage. We're also going to look at skate parks and do a how to on dropping off.


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naz said:
when are you guys comin on a ride again
ASAP! I'm off overseas soon, but when I get back in Summer I'm on for sure. That night has got me amped for more street missions, so we'll be back riding in the city before too long.

P.S. I still owe you a beer Naz for finding my mobile phone that night, don't think I've forgotten :D .
I'm in Sydney late in September, looking forward to hooking up with some people then, but I may have to make a special visit before the Colonel takes off overseas...

I just noticed an ad, for the Devinici, does anyone know what 26 magazine is?

Scotty T

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Hi everyone, I'm that guy ^^ 13 years later. I took some time off the MTB and did some BMX and skateboarding, back on the MTB now.

Here's the old video. Lo res as it came over from Google videos when they moved to YouTube. I don't even have a copy of the DVD anymore. Is anyone on this thread still active here and riding?


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Nice. A few locations in that vid you can't ride anymore...those stairs in the botanical gardens are begging for it!