Tall/wide bars/stem recommendations for a bmx rider transitioning to downhill

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    Hi all,
    Today I picked myself up a stock as a rock 08 Specialized Bighit today for a good price, in the hopes to get out with some mates that have been riding dh for a while. Being a long time bmx rider where everything is about tall and wide bars these days, i noticed instantly just how narrow and sorta low the stock bars/stem setup feels on this bike. Not sure on the exact specs of the stock parts (specialized rise bars and truvativ holzfeller stem), but im hoping to go for a wider taller setup to help transition from the bmx.
    Anyone have any suggestions on setups to go for?
    Attached photo is the bike

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  2. slowmick

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    Spank make an 800mm wide 50mm rise bar that is usually pretty cheap on Chain reaction. you can get 785mm wide 40mm rise for $50 + postage. Plenty of options under $100.
  3. Ezkaton

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    Beaten to the punch!
    I was about to suggest the Spike 800 bar in 50mm rise! Haha.

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    Cheers guys, 2 suggestions for the same bars seem like pretty good odds to me. Chain reaction didnt really have the colour/size choice i wanted but ordered the spank bars and also a stem from pushys. Hopefully be here early next week so i can start setting this bike up to suit me

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