taree mtb park worth a look


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Last week we snuck out of covid-toria and enjoyed some NSW lovely winter weather.

Stumbled across the Taree mtb park while i was up there. Had a great day the guys have built some awesome features and really nice jumps well worth a look.
good mix of downhill and xc tracks
the downhill tracks are super smooth and the jumps are beautifully built, I was only on a 120mm trail bike (trek top fuel) but never felt under biked.

Too bad were now stuck in VIC for the foreseeable future. :(


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Thanks for the heads up. Firstwife has a friend up there we are going to visit in a few weeks, it didn't even occur to me to take my bike until I read your post.


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No worries. My inlaws live in Wingham, have not been up since the fires went through and then covid. Take your bike and there is good fishing around there if you're into that.
Yep, into fishing too. Will pack a rod.