TBSM and JetBlack Products Video Comp launches today


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pffft Digital camera does me! Just figured out how to change the exposure, which barley does anything has about two shades of colour.


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what do you wanna see though, is it creativity or just some sick filming and riding??
Creativity!! We don't just want to see some weak dolly shots and pans with crappy electronic music. We want to see what you guys get get up to over a riding weekend, real people- real riding! and COMEDY!!! Make us a good 4 minute movie with everything, you'll have judges from all areas of MTB... remember that!


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I wonder what they'll say if I just borrow the re-cut footage from life cycles.... I promise it was me! hahah looking forward to seeing the entries. good luck to all!


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I'm planning to, but like Ty said, timing is a bit shit.
I haven't got a bike ATM, and the Vic DH series starts in 2 weeks, so there's not alot of time left....

jimmy irwin

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I may be putting a little something together.. Was hoping to get some specific filming for this done but yea, i've kinda run outta time aswell.. (and the riders i film are on holidays or injured :( )
Might throw something short together, we'll see..


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3 weeks to go


We haven't had too many entries so far so you're still in for a good chance for the prizes.

We've just noticed that our Vid comp page is down ... some idiot (me) copied over the top of it, it will be back up soon with all the entries so far.

Video comp page:
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I know i little somebody who's making a video for this, looks like a deffinate contendor aswell :cool:


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Entries close this sunday

That's right, you only have 5 more days to get your entries in. Not too many entries have been sent in so far so you're still in with a good chance.