Tekin suspension - any good


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Yep, two thumbs up for Tekin from me. Speedy turn around and good value as you can get a custom tune on your shock for the price of a service. Do it.


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So .. Finally got to ride my bike after all this rain we have had so I better review the Tekin tune I had done after I originally asked the question

I'll start with the negatives ................................................. there aren't any, full stop.

The Customer service was amazing even from a different state and first time customer of TeKin's I was kept well informed at every stage of the rebuild from Ken receiving the shock, rebuilding it and sending it back.

The Turn around time, again amazing, less than a week including posting both ways, Im sure Im not the only shock Ken did that week either.

Ok the important bit the ride, now Im not a racer, infact I have no interest in going fast, Im a Sunday DHer a guy in his almost 30's who likes riding bikes cause it gets him out of the house on the weekends ... that was until this weekend. I was riding at a new (for me) DH track on Sydney's nth shore with a beautiful little rock garden about 3/4's the way down with a little rock stepdown then 2 switchbacks, I spent a good hour sessioning this section trying to get faster and faster, all I could do was giggle, Kens tuning as turned my bike into a weapon. its SUPER stable under foot over the rock section, I feel like I have more contact with the ground when I need it, yet the ability to get the wheels off the ground more and skip whole sections cause I know then bike will be under me when I need it again. As for the drop/stepdown i didn't even notice it was there and the 2 switchbacks were like rails.

To be honest I never thought I bike could feel so good, and with me off to whistler in a month I couldn't be happier

So I guess at the end of this I too will join the group of people in this thread who know what its like to have a Tekin tuned shock/fork and will recommend them to anyone who will listen.


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+1 for Tekin.

As everyone else has already mentioned his knowledge and customer service is spot on. He does what he says he will and keeps you in the loop.

Very professional and I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone for any (FOX ;))suspension issue.