The election thread - Will the new PM last a full term - who will you futilely vote for?

Who will you vote for?

  • Liberals

    Votes: 14 18.7%
  • Labor

    Votes: 31 41.3%
  • Nationals

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Greens

    Votes: 18 24.0%
  • Independant

    Votes: 4 5.3%
  • The Reason Party

    Votes: 4 5.3%
  • Shooters and Fishers Party

    Votes: 2 2.7%
  • One Nation

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Donkey/Invalid vote

    Votes: 1 1.3%

  • Total voters

Cardy George

Not guilty


Feelin' a bit rrranty
Amy Remeikis really putting the boot into the Nats today.

I know there is a lot going on today, but I just need to take you back to the what the ‘party of positive contributions’ is focussing on.

Large sections of the country are still in drought.

Fishers, particularly cray fishers, are in mass distress after the China tariffs.

Farmers don’t have their usual labour supply to pick their crops.

People in areas ravaged by bushfires are still living in temporary sheds and having to make hour return trips to take a shower.

Climate change is happening and among the industries already suffering, is agriculture.

There is a pandemic, which has caused Australia to shut its borders to the world and is causing lockdowns, separating regional communities.

And the Nationals, have decided its “positive contribution” is to demand coal and nuclear be included in a clean energy finance fund.

This is the same party which receives about 13% of the national vote (including the LNP votes) - just above the Greens - and yet gets to dictate policy in this country every time one of them has a tantrum.

And their ‘leader’ just lets them do it.


Wheel size expert
'It was very quick and very sudden': Liberal staffers reveal alleged sexual assaults

"One woman who worked for a federal minister said another parliamentary staffer pinned her down and ripped off her underpants during a sitting week in Canberra in 2015, while a former staffer to the NSW speaker said a fellow Liberal came to her house the same year and forced himself on her while masturbating."

"Both women say they raised the incidents with more senior party figures but were dismissed, and are now speaking publicly to make the case for a new robust, transparent and confidential internal party complaints process."