The last movie you've last watched last


chez le médecin
"The Trouble with You " French rom com slapstick farce .
Funny and clever quite un Hollywood.
Hilarious in parts , even has imaginary violence and a hot chick which would please the average Rotorburner demographic.


Likes Dirt
Did a Taika Waititi marathon yesterday with some friends. Rewatched Jojo Rabbit and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. They're still both great, even better when you're rewatching because you can sit there with a big grin like you get an in-joke.

What we do in the Shadows was new to me. It's a feature doco rather than a movie but it was pretty decent.


I'm full, couldn't eat another dick
This is Spïnal Tap for maybe the 600th time, but not in like 10 years since my DVD copy had been flogged...and don’t have a VCR player any more. Found a copy in an online opshop...but had to dig out old laptop to play it.
Long story short, it still goes to 11.

Daniel Hale

Likes Bikes and Dirt
watched defiance the other night, a polish/jewish take about a group hiding out in the forest to avoid the germans, wasn’t bad, daniel craig was ok, couple of the other actors, his brothers in the movie i thought were quite good


I'm full, couldn't eat another dick
Watched ‘House of the dead’ in preparation for a comedy podcast review of it. Except I watched an entirely different 1978 movie of the same name, not the 2003 one based on the video game (apparently...I’d never heard of it).
Also then watched the 2003 version. Aside from all the boobies, utterly unwatchable. So bad I quite enjoyed it.

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
Last night I accessed net flix...overwhelmed by the many options and still unable to find an image that grabbed my attention I scrolled for ages. Then I remembered that Guy Ritchie had a file out recently, so I searched for it. I couldn't find it so I watched lock stock and 2 smoking barrels for the first time since it was a new film. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did back then. Plus I also fell asleep for most of the middle section.