The pet thread, post em up!

B Rabbit

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So......I’ve been helping try to find a cat that went missing in Bathurst. People were travelling through to Dubbo and he got out. So doing a quick drive by of the Bunnings car park I come across this little guy......not the cat I’m looking for, but what was I gunna do? Leave a kitten on the streets coming into winter? So I put my trap out and the dumb fuck walked straight into it, must of been hungry. Wasn’t overly thrilled about being close to people.
Anyone want a kitten?


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I've wanted a Westie forever, but the dollars they're asking now, fark
Yeah they aren't cheap. Worth every penny though. There were a few that were rescued from puppy farm recently. Some were less than 1 year old. Was so tempted to get one of them, but then we're not sure if Momo would like them. He can be very demanding when he wants your attention, often come with his rope toy when I'm working from home asking me to play tug a war, or with his bouncy ball and want me to play fetch with him. I always end up just playing with him - there goes work.