The Ultimate Upgrade?


It's my birthday!
Woha! Thats crazy, yea ill donater 5 bucks, not much but its a start.

PS, I dont know if Josh will agree to this :?


Likes Bikes and Dirt
I would LOVE (x 100000000000000) to have the farkin logo on there, that would look so tuff :)


Likes Bikes and Dirt
haha download the video, its horribly done, i wouldnt get any of the patterns they make, it just looks...i dunno, trippy. farkin logo all the way!

and sure if theyd like us to review some im sure I could manage ;)


Likes Dirt
hmm, I wasn't particularly serious about whippin round the hat.... But you should at least send em an email offering to do a review. With the way this site seems to be growing you should be pulling in the swag in no time.