Thredbo Lift Status Frustration

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by jameslockyer, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. jameslockyer

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    Hey guys,

    Has anyone got some input into the whole lift status shenanigans at Thredbo?? Twice I have made the trip from the Central Coast in what appears to be perfectly acceptable riding weather with a bit of light wind or sprinkling thrown in the mix, only to have the trip either cut short or postponed because their communication is lacking..

    The Thredbo webpage "lift status" always reads as lifts are open, never on hold, or closed.... so if your travelling down and you check the webpage and the status reads as ok, but yet you get there and its a no go, it really fu*ks up your plans/weekend.

    Im not apposed to them closing the lifts if there is risk to persons riding them, or riders are going to make a swamp pit of the trails, however its the lack of communication that really does my head in!

    Another issue was In December, i was down there and they had the lifts on hold due to apparent "wind gusts" again if you checked the webpage they stated the lifts were open. With being tired of sitting around me and a mate decided to push our downhill bikes up the fricken mountain (idiots I know, or just keen), when we got to the top there was zero wind, and the whole time whilst pushing our bikes up the mountain the chair lifts didn't even budge in the apparent wind... yet when you quizz the lifties about the status they just tell you its the wind. (nothing to do with their Christmas party the night before, a few sore heads of theirs getting around)

    I apologies for the rant, however I just don't see the sense in the whole thing, mainly the communication is what bothers me. I have seen many posts online on sites like Facebook from pretty pissed off riders making similar journeys only to get there and been show the door when they rock up to the lift. And if you buy your lift pass over the net your kinda screwed, no refund. You can use it before the end of the season, but you now have to arrange to take more time off work to make your money worth it. And lets face it Thredbo is a far cry for most people to simply get in the car to visit your "local" trail... chuck in accomodation, over priced booze and pub meals you can part ways with a few $$$ in no time.

    Just to finish this off, the guys in the bike shop down at the lifts do a awesome job, the guys building the trails and maintaining them also do a amazing job, all the crew from the shops to the lifties are friendly enough and when you get a ride in its a amazing trip! il keep on coming back to Thredbo, however please try make some sense of the lift status for us!
  2. hifiandmtb

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    Did you ever make a phone call to confirm?

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  3. Ky1e

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    My experience with Thredbo and weather is that it can blow in very quickly unannounced and disappear just as quickly. Making it hard to predict.

    You just got to go with the flow, bro.
  4. jameslockyer

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    Nah never made a phone call, probably worth a try next time, cheers for the thought mate! i guess i kinda expect the online status to reflect whats actually going on.
  5. jameslockyer

    jameslockyer Likes Bikes

    Yeah i know the weather changes quickly down there, looking back at my rant i seemed a tad menstrual, think i needed a hug ....... just update the status guys, i still love ya, early snow falls down there today also!! :smow:now wheres a beer....
  6. B Rabbit

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    My mates Bronson got blown off on our last visit.
  7. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    Jesus... how did that go?
  8. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Your 2 mates called Bronson are lucky bastards.
  9. rowdyflat

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    I would ring them first, never assume with a chairlift/ski area .
    A prerequisite for running a ski area is to never update the website if things turn bad.
    Admittedly the wind at the top of Thredbo can be strong and unpredictable especially when from the northwest.
  10. richie_gt

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    Lifts being on hold comes with the territory of alpine areas, weather can change so fast and dramatically I doubt they can really forecast it!

    I've snowboarded at Thredbo 3 times and almost all but 1 lift have been on wind hold, I've never been able to get the chair to Eagles Nest.

    I guess same goes for mountain biking, one time I went only the double chair was open as the quad was shut for maintenance, not too much of a drama for riding but certainly for the people walking to Mt K!
  11. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    You're not missing out on your coins and board elsewhere.

    Last time I was at thredbo it was windy as an old man's butt hole with gastro. Above Merrets was shut, and you couldn't get higher than the basin on the other side. I was dying for a piss at the top of the basin t-bar and I swear the glorious golden burst didn't make it more than 3 inches from the end of my dick before disappearing as little Golden crystals in the wind. You also had to walk about 200m through the mud to get back to the chairs. Peak season my arse!

    Though if you like skiing with rocks, ice, man made snow, mud, and arseholes it's a great place.
  12. richie_gt

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    100% with you there...I don't rate Thredbo for the snow! I'm a Perisher man myself. Or preferably overseas! :p
  13. shore_2

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    They always do this, it's windy up until about 10am and then they just never open the lifts. Even though the wind is long gone. Same thing they do in winter.

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  14. EsPeGe

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    Sorry mate, can't agree. I did 40 days riding there last year and another few days using the lifts to go back country snowboarding and if the wind drops they crank up. I've been there when they have both started and stopped the lifts due wind and I can assure you they run them as much as possible, particularly in the non ski seasons.
  15. EsPeGe

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    I only wish they would run them longer than 0930-1600!!!! It's daylight savings for gods sake!!!!

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