Thredbo thoughts


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How does Thredbo compare to the Vic alpine resorts, eg Buller and Falls Creek? I'm thinking about my leave over the summer and would like to spend 2 weeks with my roadie and enduro somewhere.
Its worth a couple of days, I think there is more than Buller or Falls. Flow is fun and fast, All Mountain is bit more technical and about 33% longer, Canonball is rocky with steep sections. 7 runs a day is good, 10 is a lot.

Thredbo Valley Trail is beautiful. Worth riding up from Crackenback and then doing a day on the hill then last run going all the way from the top of the hill via the AM trail all the way back to crackenback. Soon this will go all the way to Jindy.

I havent explored the Jindy trails yet but I hear good things


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Apparently part of the plan is also to extend the TVT up to Dead Horse Gap - so from ~1560m (Cascades Car Park) to 960m at Jindy.
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