tires what a good combination


I always go back to the high roller 2 on the front, can't fault it.
After a brief love affair with a tomahawk on the rear I realised it was not the scalpel I needed it to be and have settled on the Aggressor as a really great rear tyre for me and most of the places I ride. Sandy, loose rock trails.

As will2 said, grab a few slabs and read through the last year of the all mountain tyre's thread.


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I'm on a DHRII front at the moment and have run both aggressor and minion SS. I preferred the minion SS. I'm running Flow mk3 with 29mm internal rims and they seem to roll well.

Great cornering, good climbing/accelerating and ok braking.

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I would love to give those tyres a go, just don't have the bike to justify them unfortunately.
I think they make a Force Enduro rear which as a bit slicker but not quite as slick as the SS or RR.
Here's the Michelin guide...



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The last combo I had on my Trance was the best IMO.
Aggressor rear.
Michelin Wild AM front.
Faultless in every kind of conditions that Tassie throws up.
The Michelin was just ridiculously good.

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I do wanna try those new michelins, they look so bloody good. Chunky as!

It’s almost a shame how reliable maxxis is
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