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The aim of this thread is to try and keep track of all things owned by TMBC.

If you have something that is owned by TMBC in your possession, post in this thread. I will maintain this first post with the most current details to save having to sift through pages to find who has the item members may be looking for.

If your happy to post your ph number beside your name do so, if not request people to PM you.

  • Husky 4 Stroke Brushcutter - Steve (Boltz) 0419784789
  • Brushcutter 2 -
  • Hedge Trimmer - Ryan (0428 600 311)
  • Knapsack Spray Pack -
  • Rake Hoe - Jason (schoey) PM please
  • Scrub Hook (grim reaper) - Jason (schoey) PM please
  • Chainsaw - Chainsaw and safety gear, the fuel can and 2 stroke oil - Aussie Pete

  • Large Esky - Jiel 0438137577
  • Easy up - Jiel 0438137577
  • Timing Gear - Louis
  • IMBA Trail Solutions Book 1 - Jason (schoey) pm please
  • IMBA Trail Solutions Book 2 + Natural Surface Tracks by Design - Matt (nimrodx)
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Registration of assets

While these objects are in my posession I'll register them on here if anyone needs them before the next extension build day.
-2 rakes
-Husky brush cutter with both line trimmer and blade
-Kawasaki line trimmer
-2 magnetic tmbc maintenance vehicle signs
-gate keys for Jubilee park
Contact by phone on 0459 341 755

I no longer have these in my possesion,
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Likewise, I have one of the line trimmers, and a petrol can.

If you need em for track maintenance or building -- let me know.



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Hi all,

I went and got the hedge trimmer yesterday. It looks like a ripper.
Give me a buzz if your after it for track building.



Louis Pijpers.

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Just a polite nudge to get this updated.
I'm looking for one of the Tmbc Whipper snippers also one of the spray napsacks if anyone has any of these please give me a ring on 0459341755 cheers.

I currently have the hedger and 2 tmbc maintenance magnets.
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