Too wet for Tewantin?


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A few of us are heading up to Tewantin North Shore for a weekend of camping and riding in Wooroi.

I'm now thinking that it's just going to be way too wet to ride.

Anyone know the conditions of the trails in Tewantin (Wooroi) Forest?? Has it been raining there all week??




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Probably a bit late for a reply now mate, but anyway. Wooroi drains really well; there are a couple of lower areas that hold water, but mostly will be rideable the day after rain, or give it a couple of days if it's been substantial.

We are going up tomorrow (local public holiday) and probably Sat as well.


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north shore

i know this might be secret info but i am goin over to canada in a few weeks and would love to ride some skinnies before i go can and will you please share some info on the trails in tewantin.


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cooch you wouldnt happen to know who built the gap jumps on the main track snake/cheese grater track


Max Pfaff
How are the conditions up there at the moment? I'm coming up again for a week to visit the Old's and I'll be bringing my bike. Leaving next Friday...