Toowoomba 12.5.13 (Sunshine Series RD 1)

Alec McJo

Likes Bikes and Dirt
Haven't shot DH in 2 years since living in Cairns, forgot how much I enjoyed it... but I think also forgot how to do it... pics aren't my best, but here they are none the less. Looking to be at 3 out of the next 4 & should be able to refresh my memory on what to do before then!

Anyway these are all bulk processed with the same settings - if you want properly edited, full quality pics of yourself with no annoying watermark that will appear similiar to the 3 below then all you have to do is post a facey status update encouraging your friends to like my page ;) ( You'll probably have to add my personal profile for me to see you've done it ( but maybe not, I dunno. I forget how facey works now too. Then you can just message me your email & I can send you the pic/s...

Also... tag your mates!

Will probably post a couple more to the album in the next couple of days...