Torpedo 7 leaving Oz


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T7 was always an afterthought to me. Occasionally they’ll have certain items at great prices but more often than not they would be out of stock or a lot more expensive than the likes of mtb direct, wiggle etc.


Kink of the mountain
I used to buy a bit from them. the prices then went a bit off and the variety wasn't there either so they have been an afterthought for me to a lot of the time.


The obviative
Going back 10yrs they were ok.
I think I’ve bought from them twice in the last few years. One purchase was 2 days ago on a couple of non bike related items with the extra 30% off.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
I bought a one-up dropper for the discount but tbh the other prices even with 30% were touch and go. The range has suffered a bit last few years, no doubt a few things beyond their control going on in our region. Happy trails back in NZ T7!


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Yeah to be honest it was their mobile site that killed me. Found it hard to browse so if you didn't know exactly what you wanted it was hard to spend money which isn't the best for business


Oh well, back 10years or so ago I bought heaps off them. Havent bought from them for years now. Wiggle, CRC etc are generally better.

Their service was always good.


Max Pfaff
Yep, same here. 10 years ago they were great. This has probably coincided with the growth of MTB Direct


Likes Bikes and Dirt
There isn’t any real reason for them to have business in both Aus and NZ. Postage to/from either is quick enough for an online business.

I’m like others used to be my go to for bike bits, but once they started diversifying into motocross, fishing etc their bike range started dropping off so I’ve only occasionally been back to purchase, although I often check their prices/stock when buying something. I guess not much will change.