Tracks in Toowoomba: History and status

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The Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club via a deed with the Toowoomba Regional Council is responsible for the tracks in Jubilee Park as follows:

A brief History:
I lobbied council (Di Thorley the Mayor at the time) going on 4 years ago.
Myself and council worked togather and assesed many different areas around Toowoomba for a suitable location and settled on Jubilee Park.
Part of the requirement was a club had to be responsible for the land. So Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club (become a member!!:D) was started. Most original members are still around actively still.

From there we have had a great resource of regular volunteers in building and designing the tracks however main design props (let me know if I got this wrong club)
Roller Cat: Ryan, Lindsay, Jason.
Frenzie: Jared, Lindsay, Myself, Louis, Jock, Michael.
Builders: shedloads :)

Roller Cat XC track. located at the base of Jubilee park, access via Amos Road (turn of highway near Withcott Pub)

Roller Cat is a flowy XC track that is around 5k's long loop.
If you want to ride to Roller Cat be prepared for a hard climb back to Toowoomba, most direct access from Toowoomba ona bike is from Harvey St VIA the Downhill Track.
Land for Roller Cat is public. A rain water tank is located at the base, although officially not for human consumption, so take plenty of water!

McKenzie Frenzie. Downhill Track.

These tracks are built in accordance with IMBA guidelines and are open for everybody to use except on days when the tracks are being used for official club events. On these days you must hold a MTBA membership, or buy a day licence for a nominal charge, this is for insurance purposes, No Exceptions.

Toowoomba Show Grounds.
This track is a little different, It is not open to the public. You must hold a current TMBC membership to ride here

Designers: Jared, Louis, Jock, Michael

Built by TMBC members, with help from Dave Budden from BMX club, Clive, Arthur

More to come, stay tuned. got info or have I got it wrong? PM me.

Other tracks not run by the club:
Can you XC guys (Jason or Ryan?) get in touch and post where you ride Cabarlah or Preston way.

Nlind eye tracks. Ride responsibly and respect residence of the area. Don't leave rubbish, or drop sic skids.

Built by Jared and Lindsay.

Used to be the best track in town until Powerlink cam through and dozed it, but someone?? has been up there doing some work.
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