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Welcome to the Trading forums! To make these forums as pain-free as possible, we have some basic rules we ask you to follow. Applying for Trading Access means you've read and are happy to comply with these basic guidelines.

1. Use the templates provided. Copy and paste the following into your post and fill in the relevant information.

For Sale template

[b]Item: [/b]
[b]Item Condition:[/b]
[b]Reason for selling:[/b]
[b]Price and price conditions:[/b]
[b]Extra Info:[/b]

  • Item full name and model etc. (include things like colour, size, year etc).
  • Location (where you live, and whether or not you will see interstate etc)
  • Item condition description (provide as much details as possible, try to give the buyers a visual description of what to expect from your words. What the bike/part was used for.etc.)
  • Reason for selling (A lot of buyers will ask this so please provide a reason, even if its only to say that you need the money).
  • Price and price conditions (such as negotiable, non-negotiable, will or will not consider selling parts separately).
  • Extra Info: (If there is any other info that you'd like to add put it here)
  • Pictures (if you don’t have pictures and cannot get any please state as such. If you think you can get pictures soon, please hold off posting the thread until you get the pictures, we want to avoid the posts where the first 5 replies are people asking about pictures). Please use the info in this thread to post your pictures.

Wanted to Buy template

[b]Item: [/b]
[b]Location: [/b]
[b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[/b]
[b]Extra Info:[/b]

2. No grey imports.
Grey imports are items imported from overseas to be sold without going through the authorised distributor. This isn't to say you can't sell your bike - just you can't sell a shipping container of cranks, brakes and other parts you've brought into the country.

3. Bumping. Bumping a thread so it stay on the first few pages is ok. However, you can only bump your thread once every 3 days. After 3 bumps, drop the price.

4. Completed Ads. Once an item is sold, please edit your thread title so it has the word "SOLD" in it. Wanted to buy ads need to be edited so the word "FOUND" is in it. This is so the ad can be moved out of the forum.

5. Proper English Like the rest of the forums, SMS speak/language is not permitted. Heavily abbreviated garbage will get your thread deleted and your trading access removed.

6. Bike stuff only We're not ebay. Don't advertise your car, go-kart, motorbike, lounge setting, giveaway puppies or anything else not MTB related.

7. No commercial sales. The trading area is for private sellers only. If you're a business and would like to advertise, please contact the side administration team

Trading Access

To post in the trading forums, whether it be to advertise or enquire you need Trading Access. This is to prevent spam and to make sure you've agreed to the rules first. To start the application process follow this link. Read through it carefully. PMing Admins and Mods will not only NOT gain you access to the Trading Forums but you may also find yourself unable to post in the rest of the forum.


I can't post in the Trading Section?
You need Trading Access to post in the trading section. All that is required to apply is a well written paragraph saying you understand the rules. For more information on applying, click HERE

I used to be able to post, but now I can't?
Remember how you agreed to abide by the rules when you asked for trading access? Well chances are you broke them and have had your trading access removed.

What is iTrader?
After completing a transaction, you can leave feedback for the other party on their iTrader profile. This lets other prospective traders see a person's history and gives them some insight into whether another trader is trustworthy. Bad trades do happen unfortunately, and if private conversation doesn't help resolve the situation, you can use iTrader to say so. The same goes for good trades. Misuse of the iTrader system will result in removal of Trading Access.
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