Trail Bears


Big Block
Where I enter the trail network at top of Ironbark (North Brissie) there was once 1 bear, then 2 and they get costume changes too.
I added a small blue bear, Baby Bear today. Kids were going to throw the bear away, I think it is actually almost a teenage bear by now.



Have knuckles, will drag
The Nerang trails have a hollow tree with heaps of bears and gnomes. Heaps of the Careflight bears I haven't seen since my grandparents were still around. A few gnomes pop up in other spots, can be quite creepy if you aren't ready for it. Nothing like being stopped, leaning over the bars struggling for breath, then a sideways glance catches a few dodgy arse looking gnomes in a log staring up at you.


Big Block
I created a tree-kini with an old man-kini a while ago. Someone tore it down.
I hope you do not have any photo's of you in that before donating it to the tree. Would make Moorey's ass photo pleasant by comparison I am sure.

pink poodle

Our man in the West
One of my mates is part monkey. A long time ago he hung a pair of old goggles a long way up a tree "watching" the trail. I think they lasted about 1 month. We couldn't find them so assumed a kid had climbed up and taken them.