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I'm currently planning an overseas cycle tour and I'm having trouble finding a travel insurance company who will give complete cover of my bike for theft or in-transit damage. Most companies have coverage for several thousand dollars per item for electronics but only around $500 for any other item and so far they've been pretty unwilling to offer extra coverage for a bike. On top of this several companies explicitly exclude bicycles. Due to it's value and since my plans hinge on having my bike I'm pretty keen on making sure it is completely covered.

I've seen a fair few travel threads here over time so I'm wondering if you guys could tell me what you did for insurance? Did you just take the risk and not cover the bike?

(My specific case: 8 weeks in New Zealand, $1800 bike).
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Cheers cap'n I just came across those guys myself, seems they offer travel insurance as well ( Anyone had any experience with cyclecover travel insurance?
No experience with travel insurance in particular but if I remember correctly I think their standard contents insurance covers bikes overeseas for a period of three months.

I haven't needed to make a claim but I've good things about these guys.


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I'm pretty sure this is the same insurance cover i used to have. Only thing i didn't like was bike/s were only covered up to $3000 value whilst overseas (i think for 3 months?). Not quite sufficient to replace half of my DH bike at the time, but for an $1800 rig this might be the go!