Trek's 2018 Mountain Bikes Feature Shocks Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Discussion in 'Bulk News' started by Bulk, Jul 13, 2017.

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  2. johnny

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    Buy a bike that comes with this shock set up and have your range of shocks that you can mount on the bike severely limited.

    I love my Trek but would not have bought it if I'd understood how limiting their proprietary standards were.
  3. T.3

    T.3 Likes Dirt

    Could be wrong but I thought from 2017 on the proprietary nature of what shock you could mount changed
  4. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    Maybe but that looks like a trunion style mount and very few systems accommodate. Although, if you can get the right bushings it would work and as long as the lengths aren't bizarre misfits like the 2013 Remedy is.
  5. Flow-Rider

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    Bike companies seem to be going with the propriety parts these days. I stopped on a hill after a climb and looked over at a mates new Scott Spark and noticed the stem spacers looked to be an odd shape to fit that stem design.

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