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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Delazy, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    sooo my RS pike is due for a service and pretty much one of the few OEM parts left on my Norco Sight...

    anyone running any fancy bits?

    fast cartridge? mrp ramp control? avalanche kit? luftkappe? coil conversion?

    have spoken to NSD and the "super pike" they offer sounds the best option atm, but dont really plan to drop $600 without exploring all options first...

    suggestions? feedback?
  2. Boom King

    Boom King Wheel size expert

    $600 on a super Pike.....

    Buy a Manitou Mattoc and an IRT kit, sell the Pike. Instant super Pike plus change for more upgrades.

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  3. the drizzle

    the drizzle Likes Dirt

    ^^^ This. Sell the one you don't prefer and come out revenue neutral.
  4. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Wow...that is a lot of money to blow on fine tuning an already expensive bike part. What are you needing to achieve that justifies the spend?
  5. Boom King

    Boom King Wheel size expert


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  6. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Risky business right there. We know what happened when David Carradine reached for Nirvana.
  7. ozdavo

    ozdavo Likes Dirt

    Sell and get 2018 Pike or Lyric

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  8. moorey

    moorey Isn't flammable.

    Fixed, Dave..
  9. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    I've been interested in trying the avalanche open bath cartridge. No more bladder that needs to be sent in to service. Plus it's tuned to your weight and riding style.

    I've bought a Luftkappe for mine but haven't fitted yet. Probably the cheapest option of the lot. But I should also get my damper serviced after 2.5 years on it. So take that into consideration I guess.

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  10. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    I figure by the time I lash out $250 on a service with all the low friction seals and what not it's hardly a drastic amount extra to go all the way to the super pike and add the fast cartridge and air spring mod...

    if anything I'm finding the oem pike RC can't keep up with the dbcoil il, but I'll admit I have barely played around with the tuning to get it sorted...

    I do find currently the pike sits rather low the second it's pointed down the rough stuff and doesn't really inspire any confidence to hit it hard...

    Either way I go, it looks like I'll spend some time with a shockwiz and see how it goes...
  11. rone

    rone Eats Squid

    Never mind......
  12. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I used the have the same problem with my pike. I found in order to get any decent small bump compliance i was having to run the fork softer than id like. Which ment it would sit deeper in the travel and blow through. Tried adding more air in to give it abit more support but it would feel too stiff on the small hits so it was lioe playing a game of give and take. Tried volume spacers but they didnt gove me the feel i wanted.

    Put it down to the negative chamber being too small for the fork and was going to install a luftkappe but ended up selling the bike. New bike has a lyric which has a larger negative chamber compared to the pike and it feels so much nicer. Im able to add enough air that they have really nice support through the travel but the small bump compliance is acceptable. As said before its a game of give and take but i feel like the larger neg chamber makes the fork feel more balanced.
  13. outerlimits

    outerlimits Likes Dirt

    Have you looked at a DVO, they have a spring in the neg side to help get over the stiction and increase small bump compliance. The spring is also tuneable via a knob on the bottom.
  14. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt

    I don't think the issue is really to the point that I need a new fork to overcome it..

    However I have at times read a lot about the Maddoc as mentioned earlier with great interest..if they pop up cheap like they once did I think I could be convinced to give one a try..

    NSD claim as part of the super like mod they mod the air spring to fix the negative volume issue and such wouldn't need the luftkappe if I went that route..

    By the time Ive ordered a luftkappe/serviced the fork I'm already 80% of the way to the super pike and still running the oem RC charger cartridge..

    I agree with those suggesting it's silly to spend that much more to fix and already expensive product...but the bike itself has gone from OEM off the floor to ARC30/hope hubs, coil inline, hope brakes and Easton carbon 35 cockpit within 12 months of ownership...another couple hundred won't hurt...
  15. the drizzle

    the drizzle Likes Dirt

  16. Boom King

    Boom King Wheel size expert

  17. the drizzle

    the drizzle Likes Dirt

    Ah shit. Was good while it lasted.

    Same seller has the mattoc pro in red or white for $500 delivered. Not quite as much of a steal.
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  18. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    No need to over think it. If it was me, id buy and install the luftkappe myself (easy to do) and have a ride. If it fixes it then get the fork serviced and happy days. If not then remove the luftkappe and sell it and the fork and buy somthing else that compliments ypur riding style better. I honestly think half the problem with the pike is in the air spring design and can be remedied with a larger neg spring as i found with the lyric. Honestly i reckon a decent service and luftkappe will make the world of difference.
  19. Delazy

    Delazy Likes Dirt


    So I'm going to bump this up again...

    -TF Tuned coil conversion
    -SDcomponents dynamic volume chamber air spring mod

    2 options I am currently leaning towards...

    I know Simon is active on doubt a few users are using his DVC also
  20. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    I upgraded my Fox 34 with an Avalanche and it was amazing. It does make the fork hard to sell though since it is so finely tuned to a specific person. So I removed the cartridge, refitted the stock one and sold fork with the bike. Luckily someone also agreed to buy the cartridge and I got half my money back. If I was to do it again I would just buy the fork I want which has HSC adjustment and sell existing one.

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