Trickstuff power resin pads (for Cura 4 brakes)


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The product page says that they are 'semi-metallic' - a bit of metal in them??

I have always used sintered/metallic pads on my brakes.
I generally understood 'resin' pads to be great in the dry, but suck arse in damp or wet conditions.

Are these trickstuff power resin pads good in the damp or wet? I don't generally ride in wet conditions because obviously trails can get damaged eg Yarra Flats, but I will ride places like the You Yangs after a little bit of rain that has damped down the dust and made the trails a bit less loose. Not a fan of the grindy damp sand though.
I just don't want to lose a lot of braking power.

Would I be better off with sintered pads? I am north of 100KG.


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Given that they're from the EU, I'd be suprised if they're not. I'd do a general google search, there's heaps of reviews about the Power pads, and info on forums. Galfer purple get a LOT of love too.
Will update you sometime next week. Got cura 2s and were on galfer purple pads. Just installed the trickstuff power pads and initial break in, they’re more powerful. Have a look at disco brakes from uk. Some dude did a review on mtbr and rates them over trickstuff and galfers. It’s currently 20% and was $70-80aud shipped for 4 pairs.