veni, vidi, volanti
the first step to revolution is using the military against your own citizens and attempting to disarm them .
Depressing that all those gun nut "militia" peeps might have been right after all... Tyranny of government etc. Sigh, poor bloody america.

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Our man in Japan
you are probably right .
but its all perception , depending on which side you on ?
Oh well then, it will be an emancipation of he people's will when trump refuses to leave office and rolls out the military to ensure his position.

It was from the ' revolutionary , citizens against government over reach society ' handbook
Ahhhh from the other side of the coin? They feel this may trigger the revolution?


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When your Pres wants you to defend the 2nd amendment!!

I read that the US 2nd amendment is largely born from the white folks being able to form militias to defend themselves against black slaves revolting.

Trump would know this, he must be a KKK member.
Fred Christ Trump reportedly was...or was at least photographed with KKK members. Don and dads renting policy against blacks (number 9’s) is not only well documented, but they were prosecuted for it. His treatment of the Central Park 5 speaks for itself. Trumps supporters will tell you the below quote is fake, but Trump said in a Vanity Fair interview that he ‘probably said that’.