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However, if he wins, then all bets are likely off as the damage of him remaining in is too great to risk.
Given no Republicans will currently risk even small confrontations with Trump over some pretty huge breaks with traditional Republican priorities, I can imagine how brave they would be voting to impeach a newly-reelected president more than a year after the majority of his crimes have been revealed.

I do agree that many actions can be wound back, because he hasn't the wit or patience to build strong executive actions safe from legal challenge.


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I don't think it's the encumbant Reps that would be mobilising but those in govt depts, the bar and numerous democrats on committees that have been hesitant to force issues.

There's also a lot of members in the Republican Party (as in, not Congressfolk) who I think would mobilise in defence of traditional values as well as liberal democratic values. Not to say that any of this would be successful, just that they are the people that are on the record or speaking in private saying that impeachment is an even bigger can of worms but if he wins again, they'll have to do something because they think Trump 2.0 will make Trump 1.0 look like Obama. I also expect that he'd try and pull a Xi Jinping and do away with term limits..., should he even have his faculites in 18 months, which is not a moot point! Shit, even if he lost his mind to age, the MAGAtards would claim that he was poisoned by the deep state, or something: "No, the second coming of Christ is perfect, this is the work of the Devilocrats!!!"