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Couple of thoughts (I went through similar thoughts with one of mine)

* If you're using it on a hardtail, shock will still be transferred through the mounting, so you'll still get vibration on the bars and pedals

* A suspension post might end up doing almost as much as low grade suspension would in this case

I know you're doing it 20% for kiddos comfort and 80% for something to do though so have at it. Keen to see how it works out, and do you need a shock for this? I have a spare 165x38 if you want.

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On the money except the % split. Kiddo is pissed he doesn’t get suspension, so I don’t want to ruin it for him. He’s in on the build too. Cut all the spokes out of the wheels with my big cable cutters and whacked the waste of steel forks with a hammer for 20 mins.

I just chased the junk thread out of the bottom bracket with a mates park bb tool. God these are sexy.

I’ll be towing it with a FS bike, and will look at old suspension stems if it’s still generating complaints.

I hadn’t yet thought about shocks, sounds like more trading in the future. Thanks.

No such things as half decent 20” wheels in 32 hole outside of custom chinese carbon. Hmmm