Update going again in, Jan to NZ now:) any1 else going?


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going to Queenstown from about the 24ths ish till 30th, maybe ealier or later not sure yet, and might go some where before QT not looking into it yet was thinking maybe Christchurch. then from the 30th we fly to Rotorua for a week also. my mate will head back to melb on the 2nd of feb i will kick on for a few more days. and not planned flight back home yet :), so if can fine some keen riders might head to auckland again for woodhill etc. or anywhere else in NZ. so if any1 heading upt o NZ in them dates or going to NZ before the 24th or jan or after the 6ths or so in feb, that b riding else where in NZ let me know :), keen to meet up with others and share acomm etc anywhere else in NZ :)
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ill be there

hey mate

ill be flying into rotorua on the 12th march for a week.

just going by myself so happy to catch up for a ride if your around and want some company


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Hey dude,

Wou sound like the bloke I've been looking for for the job! Ahah. Yeah I'm heading down to QT on the 7th and flying back from QT on the 25th, although I may extend that by a few days (no return purchased yet). I'm taking my 6" Genius and I ride aggressive xc and downhill primarily. I'm going up with the Red Hill Riders, ten of us, for the first week. I'll then be spending a week travelling around half sightseeing and half riding and being extreme either by myself or with anyone who wants to join, will hire a wagon and take a tent and use hostels. Following week will be spent back in QT for the bike festival!

How does that fit in with you? Or anyone else that reads this?