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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by tkdbboy, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. tkdbboy

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    Hey guys,

    Just wondering where you get your bike serviced in VIC (if you don't do it yourself) and your thoughts on the place?
    If you have any other reviews for places you have been in the past, that would be great.

    More specifically , I'm looking to get my forks and rear shock serviced. I believe that Tekin no longer exists and hasn't been sold or rebranded? Can anyone confirm this?
    I've seen numerous recommendations for NSD but would like to explore some local options if possible.

  2. redbruce

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  4. redbruce

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    Last owner of Tekin was Bradley James Lawlor.

    He has since opened another business, based at Mt Macedon.

    I believe there have been some issues, the website is not responding so maybe it has been closed.
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  5. casnell

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  6. Boom King

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    +3, just do it.
    Just don't!
  7. mlenton

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    Life of Bikes, Pakenham. A great independent shop that is not only mountain bike focused but the guys also ride and compete. They service forks and shocks, had mine done by them, and I think you will find that a few of them have been to Sram Technical University (STU).
  8. tkdbboy

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    Thanks for the info guys! I've hit Paul up and will get my suspension serviced through him. He's also local so that's a bonus
  9. yuley95

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    I can confirm that Trailtune is indeed closed and Bradley is out of the game.
  10. hifiandmtb

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    Has anyone told him that?
  11. yuley95

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    He has at least shut down his website now so that's a good start.
  12. Knuckles

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    +4 and a good bloke, up for a chat. And his shop is a Pandora's box of retro bike porn. Plus he can ride, if his crack at the Brackenbury is anything to go by.

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  13. Boom King

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    Surprised you got a chance to see his crack at the Brackenbury. Must have been a fleeting glimpse as he whizzed past.
  14. link1896

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    Sucks when ones health gets in the way. Poor dude.

    Hopefully he can rest up and get it together.
  15. NeoNasty

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    I can vouch for quality work done by AstroboyRacer too. The guy knows bike stuff.

    I have also had work done at Waverley Cycles, on Stephensons Rd, Mount Waverley. Dickey is a gun rider, and knows his stuff. Its a small shop, but my forks are running sweetly!
  16. the drizzle

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    I sent a dropper to trailtune for a service and Brad had it for months. It got lost in the post when he eventually sent it back. Communication was difficult but i got his number of a legend of a burner and Brad transferred money for a replacement. In the end it was a good result. I believe he has shut up shop. Glad he tied up loose ends.

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  17. Tubbsy

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    My dealings with Brad while he was at Tekin were very pleasant and professional.

    Sad to hear things have ended up this way.
  18. Chet Fajardo

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    have a look at Mike ( the bike mechanic that comes to you. Top bloke and good prices too. Got my NS Soda for him to build and service
  19. Nautonier

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    Has anyone tried NSD and Astroboy (Paul)? My (many) experiences with NSD have always been faultless, but it is a bit of a drag to have to pay for postage and risk shit getting lost in the mail (as recently happened to a mate sending forks to NSD).

    I should try Paul again, the last time I attempted to engage his services we agreed on a time for him to receive the goods to be serviced at his shop, I drove across town to make this happen and he was nowhere to be found... Big night on the turps I suspect... (insert pure wild speculation) :behindsofa:
  20. Boom King

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    I've never had a problem with Astroboy, nothing but goodthings to say.

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