vic dh series

Pick the seven tracks you would most like to race in the vic dh series 2010/11

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Is Mt Beauty for Big Hill or short course, I'd prefer short course mind you.

Also, Barjarg has a new track i hear, would it be that one or the older track?

Few finer details might help some voters.

But with that said, you could run any combination of those tracks and it would be an awesome series.
I could only put in ten options for the pole.If you prefer the long track over the short or vice versa then just state it in a post and the same goes for buller if you prefer international over abom.
If there is tracks we have forgotten throw them into the mix also,don't mention long gully i'm assuming it is not ready to hold a race or something along those lines and that is why it was left of survey.

Keep the votes coming,get your mates and everyone who raced this past year to vote so that we have a good size survey group!!!

Mix it up, have some new(ish) tracks, not the same old same old ;)
i reckon mt taylor should get anthor go, maybe more people might come
this time..
Agreed, the people that didn't turn up really missed out. Those of us stuck behind the camera would like a go at it as well.
If yack is done again, I just hope it isnt ridiculously hot again.
The organisors can't predict the weather. The other thing is, they have an obligation to provide a safe enviroment, hence picking certain tracks when and where there isn't a possibility of bushfires and people being trapped in areas etc or tracks holding up better to wet weather i.e You Yangs. They also have the problem of Xmas and the National Series to contend with. So sometimes that means having to race a track like Yack in 34 to 37 degree heat.

If Barjarg is raced.....I wont be coming. The track is cursed for me!:mad:


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Shep won't poll hardly any votes because only a handful of people have ridden it when compared to the other more established tracks.


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Keep the votes coming guy's and gal's.We had a lot more than 100 people compete in the series this year so have your say and maybe you will get to race the tracks that you want to.



Im planning on starting to enter races for the 2010 - 2011 DH season
and definitively want these 2 tracks in the list

1. You Yangs (i practice there cause its my closet DH track)
2. Mt Buller (I ski on the dh trails there in winter and i want to ride them)