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A role has developed at SOLA Sports (formerly Netti) and we're looking for someone who has a strong interest in the bike industry and would love to come to work each day and work on, talk about, be around and immerse yourself with bikes and bike related products.

Position Title: Technical Service Administrator
Purpose of position: Technical and warranty support for all brands
Key Roles:
- Communicate with sales team, dealers, brand managers and consumers, regarding technical support, servicing and warranty issues.
- Process all R.A. claims and arrange repair, replacement or credit.
- Assess warranty repairs and servicing as needed.
- Keep accurate reporting on warranty issuues.
- Liase with and assist brand managers.
Skills and experience:
- Ability to asses all aspects of servicing and maintenance on bikes and related equipment.
- Ability to prepare reports for brand managers.
- Strong attention to detail.
- Excellent problem solving skills.
- Self motivated and team orientated.
- Some hands-on servicing/maintenance experience would be beneficial.
- Good knowledge of bicycle parts and workings (Fox alone has over 1200 spare parts on our shelves now)

If you think you have what it takes to competantly perform the above role and would be interested, please send your resume along with cover letter to greg@solasport.com.au .

I should also note that this role is based in Alexandria, Sydney. A short walk/ride from multiple train stations.

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Likes Bikes and Dirt
Hi everyone,

I will be reviewing resumes early next week as this is a role we want to fill sooner rather than later.

Thanks to those who have already submitted something across.