Wanted: Giant Carbon 26" duallie, medium


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Item: Giant NRS Composite or Anthem (X) Advanced (SL) 26" - complete or frame, size Medium
Location: I'm in the ACT but postage / travel considered.
Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition
Extra Info:

I'm looking to build up a medium size carbon XC duallie - using an NRS Composite (Carbon) or 26" Anthem Advanced / SL. Would prefer a frame in decent nick - no dings, minimal scrapes, shock in great shape (ideally RP2 or RP23.) I'm not interested in your drivetrain, but would still go for a complete with the right susp / brakes / tubeless wheels on it rather than building up using the bits I have.
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My mate has one of these in immaculate condition.

This isn't the bike, but it looks similar.

I know he has been thinking of moving it on.

Edit. Sorry, it's a Trance not a Antham or the other thing you said. Still, might be of interest.



B Rabbit

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I'll PM you when I hear back from him :)

And bike is located in Bathurst
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