What about this Excercise Bike ?


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It's a cheap one from deals direct.

I don't expect a really high quality bike for this price. But I'm hoping the resistance would be ok, and each time I select a number on the resistance dial that it would be accurate so I can gauge training outcomes.

Should I buy this one for a bit of training on rainy days in winter coming ?

Or would I be disappointed and wish I had bought a quality exercise bike ?

What do you think ?


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I think I would rather spend the money on a fluid trainer to attach my bike to instead of riding an exercise bike.


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get a Cyclops fluid 2 trainer or become friends with someone who has a compi trainer, best things ever invented for rainy days


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No you should stop being soft and just ride in the rain.
Funny you should say that, I just went for a three hour ride in the rain today. I do have a good riding jacket for the rain, but sometimes it gets beyond that.

There are a couple of reasons I don't want a trainer. It would mean having to bring my dirty MTB into the lounge room. Also it would cause extra wear on my drive train meaning I would need to replace it even more often than I already do, more expense.

But I will think about it.


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All jokes aside, for $139, why not get it. If you get a couple of winters out of it, then you're laughing. If not, then you haven't lost out on big dollars.

I have a CycleOps trainer, and it proved to be such an embuggerance that I put my wifes bike on it (she never rides), permanently, and just jacked the seat up for my height.

for me, to save the hassle, i'd prob just go with the $139 jobby.

my five cents...