what do you take riding with you?


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just wondering how much gear do you guys normaly cart around when you go riding

multi tool
duct tape
chain tool
spanner (bolt on rear wheel)
decent screw driver (can be used as small pry bar)
spoke key

multi tool

*brought to you by "the scout school of pack muleing"


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1 1980's Datsun Bluebird Wagon
1 Sibling of Pana for carrying water
1 Quantity of water to be carried by sibling.
1 Bike
1 Rider.


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I take allen keys, spoke key, pump, tube and water everywhere except when doing dh runs, then nothing cause it's all in the car.


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XC/DH Camel Bak 3litres of water, Pump, spare tube, patches, electrical tape, multitool (includes chanin breaker), money, phone, sunnies(to stop shit getting in your eyes). Maybe a spare shirt if i know im going to get wet or its cold. Think thats about it.


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carrying shite

Josh you have a mechanic aswell !!!!
nice ...

I take Ty along for my rides .. haha

I dont carry shit im very slack .. i dont have a camel bak .. i dont have any tools .. well worthy ones anyway ..

Basically i scam off ty.

But my bike is industructable so nothing brakes that often ... just sometimes i need to change stuff like lever tension or whatever .. multi tool does the trick .. which is either in ty's mule in the shuttle van.

I need to get a camel bak real soon .. and some tools.


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i take nothing, i drive everywhere... and i never ride too far from the car, think lazy, very lazy. :D


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camalbak: pocket knife(swiss of caurse)
usually a tube.

and thats it all for dh cause i don't generally call anything i do xc or fr.


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camel back, pump, tool kit, patches, mobile, money, ID, map (if im going somewhere new)

i would take my "swiss" army knife, but it would probably break if i opened it (its a cheap imitation version i got for $5!!!)


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i take me hydropac, in which gets stuffed a couple of mouthfuls of H2O, the Alien tool (best present ever from the g/friend), mini pump, spare tube, & a few museli bars, cause i'm always hungry.

If i'm feeling realing fit i may take: spare derailures, chain, tyres, chainrings, cranks, BB, spare frame, another set of forks just in case, some lube, another handle bar & a spare helmet. This all fits in2 my backpack............. really it does