What does your day look like?


I drove past this near work yesterday, never seen one and looks good. Is it anyone on here? Is it a YT Capra?

Nice with BOS fork.



Googlemeister who likes bikes and scandal
It is a fine waiting to happen though - you, not the Defender- that looks like a great set up though, much want.


After forever
Last week I was staring at a massive hole in the ground, wondering what I was going to do with the massive fuck up perpetrated on me by the drill/blast and ops.

Yesterday I chucked it all in to start my own mining consultancy. Market is hot, engineers in very short supply. Solicitor and accountant meetings happening next week. Liberating. No more intense company bullshit, no more politics etc. But at the same time I can't keep but wondering is this nutty? It's a complete step outside of what I'm used to!