What does your day look like?


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Was it a lead or the coil pack that was faulty?

My old subaru, I popped a plug wire off to change spark plugs mid week. Lead brakes in my hand. Had to drive 400km for work the next day.

You wouldn’t believe it, but you can cut and mcgiver ignition leads.


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Coil pack, but the leads were 175,000km old so decided to change them too.

Coil pack was $90, same price for the leads.

Das BBT.
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It is indeed. I believe certain Bulldogs (NRL) players favour it for a spot of midday nudity; thankfully they were in absentia yesterday.
But they'd be such a welcome bunch for the deep intellectual conversion alone, if not also the dismays of nudity. There is usually good food there too.


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Had the week off looking after kids. Had a couple extra today after sleepovers with friends of the twins. Been rebuilding window framing after getting eaten out by termites - almost ready for sanding and painting. Fitting new front tyre (and swap old front to rear as rear worn out) on the hardtail. Chgecked and reply to a bunch of work emails as we are understaffed right now at work. Having a Brewdog Punk IPA now and defrosting chicken to make burritos for dinner. Other than the beer I think it is easier going to work. Hav'nt ridden since Sunday either.

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Yesterday the boss says "I just saw how many days you've been on, did you want tomorrow off?" which I translate as a realisation that I am possibly due some penalty rates for rosters of 9-10 days running with 1 day off for the last month, will have to check the award. Anyway I took the day off and fuck me it felt good! I cleaned the house, genuinely not done more than laundry, dishes, and the toilet since getting home from Japan. Then I celebrated by going for a ride and I'm now fishing after smashing a fucking great pork and Brussel sprouts dinner!

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Yeah I do not miss working nonstop without a weekend. Went three weeks straight once, fuuuuuuck never again. Leaving before the sun came up and getting home after dark for three bloody weeks straight was not an enjoyable experience at all.

That kinda shits pretty rampant in hospitality too isn’t it, no wonder you’re all mental cases.


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Kellyville field day at a base station (5G trial network deployment):

A mate brought his drone, all the better to see the stunning new home architecture.

Ended up here for lunch:

Doesn’t get any better.
I can’t tell from you photo ... are they real houses or a scale model ? If real, that’s seriously depressing development.