What does your day look like?

Mr Crudley

Eats Squid
I'm sitting at the beach. There is whales, sunset, dolphins, people silly enough to swim...it's pretty good just now. Think I'll hit the skate park for a bit.
Man, you live well in an an almost teenager style. Everyone will be lining up to be the Poodle very soon.


Hmmm, were you caravanning? Where did you stay? We went south when everyone went west! I grew up seeing those guys so I wasnt interested in joining the queues. Was it bad outisde the gigs? Last year I met up with someone who waited 5 hours to buy 50L of diesel.
Camped at the Bash, no dramas whatsoever. We were on unleaded, so......no dramas whatsoever. Birdsville was definitely a nightmare if you were on diesel, particularly on the Monday when we arrived, queues were very long and one servo had run out of diesel - the other had a broken diesel pump so was down to 2. As for the gigs, well, they were all at the one venue, over the course of 3 days, so no queues at all. Once you were at the venue there were no vehicle movements whatsoever.


Eats Squid

Old bridge between Bourkes, sadly closed for repairs at the moment

The Darling, in need of water

Gundabooka National park

Some rock painting in the park.

Don't know what to think about the Darling River. It is low with the drought and I was one who was quick to criticise the cotton farmers and Cubbie station in particular but talking with some locals and some visitors who were at Cubbie the week before who reported it was just as dry. I am not so sure. I do think that cotton is not a sustainable crop and have thought that for a while given the water use and chemical sprays. I struggle with the history that shows we have not learned anything and have raped the area and the river several times over.

Weather was bright but cold. Luckily the astronomy followed a week or so of scattered showers and overcast skies.

Happy to be home again though.
Ahh..my old home hasn't changed much then...


Eats Squid
We did about 250km through Gundabooka. Didn't do one of the walks. Would hate to think how the roads would be if a dog pissed on it.
Anything more than 10 mm is road closed... anything more than 20 mm is unnavigable even by locals. Somewhere in between varies between hilarious and terrifying...I destroyed a fleet vehicle playing in that zone.