What does your day look like?

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Wow, when viewed from that angle the deviation is quite evident. I've only driven past it en route to work every working day since January 2015 and ridden past it several hundred times since 1992 so I haven't really had much of an opportunity to take a look........!!!!!!!!
You got me interested again in the old line. I thought there was a video of it and there is.

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Fiddly stairs are fiddly - stopping here...

Wind. My patience. The third step that’s all kinds of wonky.

Finish it next weekend...
What are you doing with the besser walls?

Closed the cladding on the tank today. 23.4m of interlocking paverers. Given the tank is made by concreters whose idea of tolerances is within 50mm I was only 5mm out of level at the join. A bit of fettling and it looks ok. Relocating hose pipe and gpo and running lights tomorrow. No, not me, #1 the sparky and his mate the plumber. The original gpo and hose outlet which I never even thought about failed the relevant standards. For something like 18 years!! About 1m of pointing to finish and the temporary light holders until I line the gazebo. But that is a fair way down the list. I have had to add a cooling system to my credit card this month!


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Nothing. We threw steel into it & filled it with concrete when we built the courtyard. Wall was built on an angle originally, some movement in the past but it won't move now.

I CBF'd demoing it, and it'll look nice on the courtyard side when we are finished with a green wall or somesuch.

I like the shitty wall against nice steps contrast...

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I hope you used a qualified plumber & electrician for that :p

Looks awesome.

[edit] Oh - went for a walk after work (from home):

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Son is a sparky. Hardest thing was booking a time for him to do the wiring, he is busy doing stuff for everyone else. He made me go and buy all the bits though. Plumber did the potable stuff as well. The few times I touched pipes on the tank it leaked. Over it.