whats the coolest thing on a bike YOU'VE ever done?!


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maybe it was punching out a track the quickest you ever have, or pulling off the huge jump you always dreamed about!

post away, this should be an interesting thread!


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hitting up the beenleigh X-games dirt jumps, i went out there one day with a BMXer mate and i didn't step up so it haunted me for ages, it was so good when i finaly hit it.

same goes for the jump at ashgrove, it took us weeks to build it, then it finally dryed out enough for us to hit it up, another mate on a BMX hit it up first, just made it so i thought i better step up for the mountain bikers. it's only was only ever jumped by three people then we kinda gave up on it, a bit sad really.

see this thread for pics



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my first DH race ever was last year. ONe of my regular riding companions was racing also so i considered him as the guy to beat. It was our own personal competition. First run was good but nervous. Second run was on the money and i took 8 seconds off my time to beat him by 4 tenths of a second! Felt great. For my money that is the best thing i've done on a bike so far.


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i dropped that road gap thing at Brookfield. i got mangled the second time, third time i snapped my frame. it's the only thing i am truly scared of on the brisbane circuit. (prob. coos i am not going at half the speed of the pro's)


Back in grade 11, right before a 3 year hiatus from riding brought about by girls, cars and playing rugby I was probably at the best level of riding I've ever been at. We were at the local dirt jumps one day with a big crew of MTB and BMX riders, there was one BMXer there who was a sworn enemy of my friends and I, giving me sh*t cos he had better tricks than me (He could superman, I could only, at the time pull one hand no footers). Long story short I got sick of him talking it up, trailed him into a jump and busted my first ever superman, I was stoked, he copped sh*t for the rest of the day for being a big-mouth and I pulled a few more before getting ambitious and giving myself a concussion. I've been back on the bike for a year now and I'm still looking to recapture the DJing magic I felt on that day.

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I gotta say it would be my first experience doing the actual North Shore.

After a several year absence from the sport (moving out to Sydney and my bike dying at the same time), my wife and I returned back earlier this year to Whistler to see old friends. My best buddy became a rep for Brodie :D while I was in Oz, so when we got together, he hooked me up with my dream bike, the Holeshot (BURLY hardtail), and took me to some of the legendary North Shore trails. And blew my mind.

My last bike was a Rocky Mountain Blizzard with Mag 21's on it, so my Brodie Holeshot with Psylo SLs was another world! :eek:

And my buddy who I used to ride with all the time was replaced by some complete psycho who was riding things that just made my jaw drop (mind you, he was riding a bike with over 16" of travel :shock: ).

The first day I spent just getting my bearings with this new style of riding and getting to know my new bike. I opted to take the easy lines out most of the time.

The second day I started trying pushing the bike to see what it was capable of, started taking some bigger drops and air and more techical approaches.

On the third and last day, we went to Squamish, hooked up with some of his biking buddies (everybody owned these huge squish bikes), and did shuttle runs up the mountain.

This was the last day I would have riding with my oldest friend for years, and I knew I had to go for broke, so I followed them on every "skinny", tried every stunt we came to, attempted every drop that they hit (including some that weren't probably too good for a hardtail) and near the end of the day, tried to be the first to hit stuff that we hadn't ridden yet that day.

I crashed. A lot. Wrecked one of my hydraulic hoses. And amazingly, the very last hit of the last run of the day, taco'ed my front wheel.

One of the guys came up to me when we were changing out of our riding gear at the trucks, and asked me how long I had "ridden the Shore" for. I said this was my third day. He laughed and said I was a nutjob! :lol:

I hadn't felt that alive in years.


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I think The coolest thing thing you ever do happens when your riding or confidence jumps to the next level. My coolest thing was Hitting a trail that we had just finished building for the first time. It only went for a few hundred metres but had a 9ft bridge drop and 5inch wide, 6ft high skinny. That was cool :shock:


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first time riding at daisy hill came across a gully around 4 or five foot wide and the about same deep. someone had put on of those ramps car mechanics use over it and i made it across. not so impressive till u realise i was on a (virtually) rigid huge gt palomar and it was the first time i'd ever really ridden singletrack stuff

since then i've got a new(ish) ride (98 rampage) and have started doing small gaps and stuff but that ride was still pretty cool