whats your favorite dh weapon or most helpfull part on your bike


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something to give you that extra boast or one less thing to think about when flying through rock gardens or doubles. I'll start, my favorite dh weapon is my e-thirteen SRS MTX chain guide never lets me down not once has my chain come off when this is on. i used to have a blackspire but had problems when riding.


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How about the part your most scared of?
MY cranks, as its currently missing a bolt!
Other wise minions as favourite part.


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maybe not my most favorite but my ghetto milo tin mud gaurd, the thing has saved so much time cleaning out the shock.

my favorite would probabley be brakes, they make me feel safe:eek:


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best thread !!! and i would have to say my x-0 shifter as its the only good thing on my bike or my boxxers and the worst thing would be by far my mtx 33's ..... har har


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My seat, no more bleeding testes for me.
Happened once when my seat fell off mid run, closely followed by a crash..


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would have to be the rotec 9 inch travel rear end, the blackspire c4 and without a doubt the saint 4 brakes


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deffiantly would have to be my rear shock, I wouldnt really want to race hard tail. Just not really my thing
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My 40's. I've come come into sections oh so sketchy on a number of occasions and have plowed straight into things expecting to die but those babies just suck it up and ask for more just like a good girl should.


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Minions defs
<3 my saint brakes, nothing compares, give you soo much confidence knowing you can hit things with heaps of speed, then pull up as fast as you need to for the next bit/section :)

Also love my cheap POS wellgo pedals my mate gave me that came off his stock BMX, 6mm pins are brilliant :D
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