Wheel options for 141mm QR hub

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by defy1, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. defy1

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    I have a Norco Fluid 7.1+ and it has the dreaded 141mm QR hub.
    Been looking around for some aftermarket wheels, either 27.5+ or 29er, but with this hub I have limited options..:(...Can't find many, if any, wheels with this rear hub. All the wheels seem 148x10 TA or similar..
    Anyone know what options I have? anyone with experience with this hub and if any conversions possible?
    I kind of regret getting this bike because of this..
  2. L.P.

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    I believe you can buy a 148 x 12 DT Swiss hub or wheelset and get the qr adapters, bringing it down to 141 QR.
  3. defy1

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    Thanks for that. Seems I have very limited options.
  4. moorey

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    The hack in me would consider machining out the 10mm dropouts to 12mm and running a 142x12 either wedged in or take 0.5mm off each side.
    It's a moronic standard. In all honesty, I'd replace the frame.
  5. defy1

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    Sorry for bringing this old thread back, but I am just now in the market for some aftermarket Carbon wheels and want to be positive I am getting the compatible parts.

    I just want to confirm to be 100% sure, if I buy wheels with rear DT SWISS 350 12x148mm BOOST hub, and then I can convert to to fit 141mm QR with this?

  6. andrew9

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    I honestly think quite a bit less of Norco after looking at this bike. They fitted SLX 11 and a Reba, but with a Joytech QR hub. A 148 SLX hub is only $85, probably only saved Norco $30 a bike at most.

    I'd try to make the most of what it is, new wheels won't make you faster.
    If you bought it looking to upgrade, you should have picked up on this when you bought it (sorry)

    You could go to a shop that sells a lot of DT Swiss, my local shop has heaps of DT wheels. With any luck they will have a boost hub and the adapters in the shop, and could test it all before you handed over your money.

    Also could fit a Shimano 135 QR hub with a longer axle, space out the locknuts to 141 and fit a disc spacer, I wouldn't. Basic Shimano hubs have longer axles available and spacing them in/out is common.

    Finally any 148 hub could have each end cap each shaved down 3.5mm on a lathe and have a 12mm QR adapter made up, same idea as you can commonly get for 15mm hubs to fit QR forks. Any competent machinist could machine the end caps and make the axle adapter in under an hour. (I could, I'm sure as hell not doing it though!)
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  7. Warp

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    Well... I recently was looking for a hardtail and was eyeing a Trek but it put me off to see they use this new standard.

    So, now that bikes are going boost, this standard should be more widespread. Eventually, it will become the new "QR" standard.

    Funny that they kept it in the down low... people are becoming weary of new "standards".
  8. andrew9

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    I could see the small cost saving being valid on a theoretical Anaconda $300 plus bike. but if they are going to retool for QR on a cheap normal tyre MTB, they should just re-space the stays to 135 as well.
    Even the cheapest Norco Fluid+ is over $1k, no excuses for using 141 dodgy cheap-assness,

    How much cheaper is a cheap joytech 10mm cup and cone than a cheap sealed bearing, like formula? At a manufacturers wholesale it'd probably be like $5

    141 is a great example of one step forward (boost is stiffer), two steps back (now it's less stiff, and less compadible)
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