Where to buy 2x chainrings

Cardy George

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Using XT M8000 at the moment but really not fussed so long as they're 26-36t. Could maybe be tempted to change cranks, but they'd need to damn near pedal themselves.

I really only need, and would prefer to, only replace the 36t, but everywhere I find has ridiculous postage. I'd counter that by buying chains and a sunrace cassette, but no one carries them all on one site.


You can pickup some on ebay and aliexpress with cheap freight but the cheaper branded 26T chainrings can be a bit 'how ya going'. This is another reason why I kept with the older cranks.


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I've got a new pair, but I'm pretty sure they're both a bit bigger than that. I'll check tomorrow evening


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I would recommend the cheaper chainrings as they are steel so will last a long time. As long as the bigger ring is 'ramped & pinned' you should be ok. These were the last ones I bought: SLX FC-M675 28T 64mm and Deore FC-M532 36T 104mm.