Why does every kid want a Stinky for a fist full swish?


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from what i've heard those giant dh comps are a good buy.. would probably have been something i would have considered buying had i not found my rig...


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how mant dh comps where at fellcreg answer lots. reason .good value. good ride. good stuff. giant have always hit the nail on the head with there dh bike how many of the old atx dh are still kicking aroud.answer still lots. reason they were good also.


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Only problem is Giant have been having a few (if only minor) issues with the black ATX model and later. The black ATX swingarm had cracking problems with an unnecessarily vertically placed brace behind main pivot instead of the usual horizontally. And the new 'moto-link' design frames are having linkage and swingarm problems - such as steel bearings ovalising the aluminium frame in the main pivot resulting in gobs of sideways movement in the swingarm and ultimately a warranty job in Giant's part dishing out brand new swingarms on bikes that are ridden hard.
IMO the spec of the Boxxer Race fork on the 03 comp isnt as nice to ride as the 02 jnrT...on the few ive ridden anyway.

However, i must say the Giants are truly a nice ride, and great value - this obviously being the foundation of their popularity.