Wide bars with a comfy sweep for a 29er?


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Hey all.

I've just gone to the dark side and picked me up a Giant XTC 29er as my race rig. Finding it very fast and quite comfy but I find the stock Giant bars are too straight?

I like the width but my hands aren't comfortable (yeah - that's what SHE said) - I'd like to find something with more sweep/bendbackedness.

I'm not averse to carbon either...



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Check out the Kodex strut bars available from Pushie.
They're 750mm wide (obviously can be cut down), reasonably light, and have an 11 degree sweep as opposed to the usual 8 or 9 degrees. Doesn't sound like much of a difference, but feels way better in my opinion.
I run them on both my Dh and XC rigs and they feel great on both, much more comfortable on the wrists.

Check them out here
Can also get in touch with Pushie via the second link.


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I use these EXTENDO Bars on on my SS 29er (geared for racing) they are awesome, look the shit and the LTD version are lite as. I run mine with a bit of a rise and sweep. I just did a 100k event on them and they rocked!


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Cheers guys - sorry Ev - should have mentioned - I wanna keep them flat (no rise).

The Extendos look good but maybe too much sweep? I'm not sure what the stock Giant ones are, they look almost straight!

Another question though - do you need to increase the length of the stem as you increase sweep in order to maintain the same position? Seems sensible but I'm not sure.


I am running the stylo world cup SS bars on my geared Fisher they are 700mm with 9 degree of sweep and no rise, I cut mine to 680 and find them to very comfy I was able to get the matching stem just to round out the look of the cockpit and very happy the performance of both.


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Crank brothers cobalt 3 flat bars are no rise but shaped like a riser. 680 width and very comfy. http://www.rotorburn.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=211333&d=1316395868
+1 on The Crank bros. I got a set of these for my XTC and they worked well, they have some sweep but not too much. The standard Giant bars have zero sweep and make your arms ache after a decent ride. I wouldn't go much narrower than 680mm. I tried some bars that were 620 and they felt too narrow for me. [you might have a personal preference that's different] I think it's good to have the extra leverage of a wider bar for a 29er.