Workshop Manuals - do they exist??

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Rossm, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Rossm

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    I'm interested if anyone knows whether bike manufacturers produce full workshop manuals for their bikes. The owners manuals that come with the bikes I've bought recently are a joke - only the most basic information in them.

    At a minimum I would like a list of parts & part numbers for the components used (the published specs in the marketing material often only have quite generic descriptions, so trying to source replacements bits can be a bit hit 'n miss at times). An exploded part diagram would be really helpful, if these exist.

    I assume that they must have this stuff when the bikes are designed, but not sure if this filters out to retailers. My interest at the moment is for Scott bikes. I can only find the owners guides online.
  2. teK--

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    I know Rocky Mountain do have excellent technical manuals for their bikes. Even then it only covers the frame and RM specific parts. For other parts you go to the relevant manufacturer.
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  9. Rossm

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    Thanks Guys -

    That Rocky Mountains manual is the dogs nuts! If only I could find something similar for Scott. Even a diagram like Canyon one would be great.

    I've sent an email to Scott head office in the land of chocolate boxes - I'll let you know if anything sensible comes back, as the local distributor could not help.
  10. The Duckmeister

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    SRAM have a very comprehensive supply of service manuals on their webbysite too -

    Some of the more in-depth bike brand/model-specific stuff tends to be dealer-only stuff accessible only by authorised login.
  11. Miguel75

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    Does anyone happen to have the IRCC post service manual? I’ve a video but would love an actual hard copy.
  12. Dozer

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    I've made this thread a sticky, great input Gents!
  13. JPG

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    Sorry to dig this up - where exactly did you find said tech manuals (specifically for recent models 2018 etc) ?

    RM website has very little...
  14. teK--

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    Pretty sure they are on their website. I have a few mates with RMs inc. 2018 and they just printed them off. They are big books.
  15. JPG

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    Sounds promising - if they have links that would be awesome, have to say I’m not a huge fan of the site layout...

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  16. teK--

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    Turns out they got them from the local distributor. Try emailing Adventure Brands.
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    My workshop has a ramp down to the driveway, if I was any good (and I'm not) I could manual out of my workshop.
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    My colleagues put too much crap in the doorway for me to manual out of the workshop (if I could manual).

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