World champs on tv right now!


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SBS 2, UCI World MTB & trials championships. 8:30-9:30

For any of you punters not out on 'le turps tonight!


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I just randomly flipped the channels and found it too. Their coverage of teh XC was good even. The guys nowhere near as enthusiatic as Rob Warner, but still nice to see some good coverage.


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Did the freecaster feed use the same cameras?

I missed that one due to bandwidth restrictions and would hate to know if they used better or different angles which showcased more of the technical sections.

Good/bad to not see warner I thought. For one he'd probably be talking shit when the XC was on and generally at the Champs he gets on it and as the night progresses, as the elite men come out, he starts to get a bit messy sometimes - it can be good - but when the lesser known riders come down he just spits randomness.

My favourite one with him commentating though was the Val de Sol champs in Italy when Hill was coming down, he was totally lost for words and it was so fitting with the riding that was on display. That one in general I thought he was really doing well but I have heard once, on a regular world cup feed, someone tell him he can't drink anymore because he's totally wasted haha. Champion!